Science Behind LipiX

Origin Of LipiX

Science is central in every decision we make at LipiX. LipiX began to formalize a good fat/high protein/no grains approach to develop total foods after studying a series of published research articles in Scientific Journals 1.

Evolution Of Our Genes

Our gene selections over several hundred thousand years were driven by cycles of feast and famine on one hand and physical activity and rest on the other 2. By evolution, these cycles are required to maintain good health. The recent research indicates a combination of continuous 24X7 food availability and sedentary lifestyles as key drivers of health issues.

Excess Carbohydrates

Significant research data exists now to demonstrate that the carbohydrate rich western diet coupled with a relatively sedentary lifestyle, leads to modern diseases. Carbohydrates, beyond their role as a source of energy, have important regulatory functions. When carbohydrates are consumed in excess, particularly in the form of free sugar and fructose, it is a major source of disjointed gene expressions, imbalanced energy production & consumption, oxidative stress and inflammation affecting, at least 35 health issues 3.

All Fats Are Not Equal

For years, nutritionists and doctors have preached that a low-saturated fat diet is the key to preventing health problems. Today, scientific research provides data showing that it is more than just the amount of saturated fats consumed, but also the types of fats that we eat that really matter. Saturated fats are good for us.

There are four types of saturated fatty acids:

  • Very Long Chain Saturated Fatty Acids (VLCFA). These are metabolized in three steps. 1 - Shortening of chain to long chain fatty acids. 2 - Transportation into the mitochondria by transport proteins. 3 - Beta-oxidation in the mitochondria.
  • Long Chain Saturated Fatty Acids (LCFA). These require a transporter to the mitochondria for beta-oxidation.
  • Medium Chain Saturated Fatty Acids (MCFA). These are directly metabolized without the need for transporters and are metabolized even in an impaired liver 4.
  • Short Chain Saturated Fatty Acids (SCFA). These are produced by the body and are a primary source of energy for Colonocytes.

When consumed in excess, trans fats may increase risk of certain diseases, while good fats like MCFAs and Omega-3 improve energy metabolism, protect the heart and support overall health. In fact, certain good fats, such as omega-3 fats, are essential to physical and emotional health.

LipiX Platforms

LipiX products are designed using a number of patents pending platform technologies. Our platforms share four characteristics: 1) GOOD FATS, 2) HIGH PROTEINS, 3) NO GRAINS and 4) NO ADDED SUGARS. See many recently published articles here

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