What does the Kitavan Island Study teach us?

Kitava Island is one of the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea's archipelago. The people of Kitava are one of the last populations on Earth with dietary habits matching what would have been the case for the population of Homo sapiens in their original habitats on the island of Kitava. Kitavans are not known to have strokes, diabetes, dementia, congestive heart failure, obesity or acne.

Why don’t Kitavans have any of the chronic diseases that all western societies experience?

Kitavan resident’s main diet is exclusively root vegetables (yam, sweet potato, taro, tapioca), fruit (banana, papaya, pineapple, mango, guava, water melon, pumpkin), vegetables, fish and coconuts but no edible fats, dairy products, sugar, cereals, or alcohol of the Western diet.

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