About us

LipiX is a science-based nutritional food development platform. Characteristics common to all LipiX products are Good Fats, High Protein, No Grains and No Added Sugars. It is fundamental in our approach to develop total foods that utilize the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients with no artificial additives or added preservatives whereverpossible except for Life’s DHA which is sourced externally.

LipiX products leverage patented and patent pending technologies that possess highly synergistic qualities. The combination of ingredients unique to LipiX products result in significant health benefits. Primary ingredients include Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's) and vegetarian Omega-3's that are both Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) ingredients by the FDA and EMEA.

Our platform of nutritional/functional products is ideal for a multitude of health and wellness applications. For example, people on the go who want a natural sugar-free snack between meals. Athletes in search of a fast metabolizing energy source with healthy protein. Are you one of the ever-increasing numbers of people in need of a safe and effective weight loss solution? LipiX products are very exciting for individuals with health issues who would benefit from a more easily absorbed dietary solution.

As a development platform of science-based nutrition/functional food, the applications for LipiX solutions are just scratching the surface.

Come back to our site to learn about new products coming soon. In the interim, try our LipiX MCT Bar or LipiX MCT Shake Mix. Start eating well and living better today.